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Because of Mr. Terupt

Watch a book trailer for this book!

Here is a photo of the author, Rob Buyea. Click on it to go to his website. There is information about a sequel, coming out October, 2012!
Seven students enter fifth grade with a new teacher, Mr. Terupt. Each of them has a story to tell, including the class clown Peter, new student Jessica, relentlessly teased Danielle, and Alexis, the bully, your best friend one minute, your enemy the next.

Mr. Terupt has a way with kids. He teaches personal responsibility and tolerance, and all the students in his class begins to grow and learn... until one snowy afternoon, when tragedy strikes.

This is a story told by many different voices, it's realistic fiction about a group of fifth graders. You are bound to find someone you can identify with here!

There's a wonderful online poster at the Glogster website with information and links about this book. Click here to check it out: