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The candymakers
Here's a picture of the author, Wendy Mass. Click on her to go to her webpage.

logo.pngClick here to go to the website for this book. Explore the characters, read the beginning of the book, and watch a video of the author telling about writing the story.
Logan lives in a candy factory, with his mom and his dad, the Candymaker. Logan is finally old enough to participate in the annual nation-wide contest to invent the next great candy.
Along with Logan, three other kids have won a spot in the competition: All three are interested in getting into the factory, and they all have different reasons why. The same day is told from the four contestants, and we find out something different from each one of them as the reader.

This is such a fun book but be warned: you might get a craving for candy while reading it!

Watch this video to see how gum is made.


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