Chapin Street Elementary Library Program
Library Media Specialist- Ms. Marciano

Circulation Clerk - Mrs. Woishnis

Principal - Mrs. Reed



We are learning all sorts of good things on the computer this year. Click here to go to the Family Page.

Students at Chapin Street LOVE going to the library. 2nd and 3rd graders are just beginning to enjoy reading stories by themselves. They are enthusiastic readers! Looking for a good bookm to read? Click on Book Trailers to find a good suggestion:

Chapin Street School Mission StatementWe believe all children can learn. We believe that all children can achieve their fullest educational potential in a positive, safe, and stimulating environment. We believe that our teachers, along with an active and supportive group of parents, civic leaders, and local community members, can achieve the mission of creating successful lifelong learners. We believe that through an adherence to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks/Standards and the implementation of the Ludlow School District's curriculum, this mission will succeed.